On Top The SONiC chapter of the open source network operating system war

With the vigorous development of the Internet industry, data and traffic begin to gather in the data center. At the same time, the rise of public cloud makes the large-scale benefits of the data cent

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From P4 to DSA, SDN finally returns to the era of hardware definition

Everyone is talking about the follow-up development of Sdn. It's time to pull back from software definition to hardware reconfiguration. The hardware reconfiguration here is not only the decoupling o

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The strongest science of network slicing

The "one size fits all" network model adopted by mobile networks (2G, 3G and 4G) in the past is no longer suitable for today's changeable market model. Each use case has its own unique performance re

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Analysis of TSN Time Sensitive Network Technology

With the continuous development of industrial intelligence, the industrial Internet ha***ecome the key comprehensive information infrastructure for the development of industrial intelligence. As the

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