CENI — China Environment for Network Innovation

CENI is an open, easy-to-use and sustainable large-scale general experiment facility, which can provide a simple, efficient and low-cost experiment and verification environment for studying the future network innovation architecture. Future network experiment facilities cover 40 major cities across the country, and 'one total and three points' operation control centers and four innovative experimental centers will be built in Nanjing, Beijing, Hefei, and Shenzhen to realize the interconnection with domestic Internet backbone networks and international test beds.

Platform of Experiment Service based on SDN

Service Orchestration

The top-level experimental business orchestration management portal allows users to realize resource allocation, experimental startup and loading, network interconnection, and remote control of equipment simply by operating the front-end portal without perceiving the underlying resources.

Experiment Topology

Provides resource mapping capabilities with the underlying infrastructure, and all experiments are based on backbone and edge network resources. The edge network realizes cloud-based sharing of computing, network, and storage through virtualization technology, and realizes end-to-end test slicing in combination with the backbone network.

Network Infrastructure

It consists of CENI backbone network and CENI edge network. Each edge network can be regarded as an independent autonomous domain. The domains are interconnected across domains through the backbone network. The edge network provides resource management and control capabilities in a single domain.

What we can do

Research and Experiment of New Network Architecture
Research and Experiment of New Network Architecture

Integration of sky and earth

CORD new network architecture

Software Defined Optical Network

Software Defined Wireless Network

Mobile network

Network test of new network equipment
Research and Experiment of New Network Architecture

Heterogeneous chip network

Programmable Chip Virtual Switch

Internet of Things

Application Test of New Network Service
Research and Experiment of New Network Architecture

Space Satellite Network Protocol Experiment

Industrial Internet Cloud Collaboration Experiment

Based on NDN test

What we can provide

Full Stack with Multi-structure and Multi-protocol

The virtual network emulation capability of edge network L2 to L7, access-side SDN switches and P4 devices provide the Underlay networking capability of L2/L3 network dedicated devices, and the bottom layer provides L0/L1 layer bare fiber/optical channel capability.

Independently isolated and Interference-free

Support large-scale multi-person parallel experiments, and form logically independent network slices end-to-end through VLAN, VxLAN, SR and other technical isolation, and monopolize experimental slice resources.

Convenient and Fast

Visual drag-and-drop interaction, highly customizable topology networking, built-in rich image resources and practical tools, users can customize test scenarios according to their needs, one-click deployment, and second-level deployment of the test environment.

Flexible and Efficient

Edge network computing, network, and topology resources are virtualized and shared, and a unified resource abstraction model; backbone network node links are controllable one by one, and network quality is reliably guaranteed.