CENI User Regulations

CENI User Regulations

SPES is an open test portal based on CENI network infrastructure, providing users with a test environment for future network related technology verification, in order to solve the key core problems facing the sustainable development of the Internet. The Platform reserves the right to suspend or terminate the user's qualification for using the test service Platform at any time in case of violation of the rules of test users and reserves the right to pursue relevant legal liabilities.

1. Rights and Responsibilities of users

  1. Users can obtain relevant test resources provided by the test service platform after successfully applying for registration online or offline.
  2. Users shall not endanger illegal mining, malicious attacks and other activities that threaten network security during the use of the platform.
  3. Users shall not use the services of the experimental service Platform to send or disseminate sensitive information or information in violation of the national legal system.
  4. SPES has the right to review and supervise users' use of the test service Platform. If users violate any of the above provisions when using the SDN test Service Platform, The Test Service Platform or its licensors have the right to require users to correct or directly take all necessary measures (including but not limited to deleting the content posted by users, suspending or terminating users' right to use the Test Service Platform) to mitigate the impact of users' improper behaviors. It is illegal to steal other people's user accounts or use network communications to harass them. Users shall not use any illegal means such as testing or cheating to steal other users' accounts or harass others.

2. Service platform usage

  1. Users can register on the trial service platform (https://sdn.ceni.org.cn/) and apply for relevant resources of the trial platform online.
  2. Users need to know CENI network status, prepare test conditions, and timely communicate with network operation and maintenance personnel when they need to conduct offline admission test.

3. Experiment resource use management

  1. If users try the virtual resources of the platform, they can be familiar with the operation guide of the platform in advance.
  2. If the user must enter the experiment offline, he/she should know the equipment operation rules in the equipment room in detail.
  3. Contact operation and maintenance personnel immediately if any abnormality is found during the test. If the equipment is damaged due to improper operation, the user shall pay compensation after adjudication.

4. Management of user research Results

  1. Users who publish scientific papers or apply for patents and other achievements whose research content is wholly or partly completed on CENI shall indicate in the test part of the paper that it is completed or partly completed on CENI.